JOHNNY CASINO – Trade winds LP
[LP Vinyl]

JOHNNY CASINO – Trade winds LP
Following up from last year's album 'Time And Time Again'Johnny Casino has a new album 'Trade Winds'set for release at the end of October. The album conjures images and reflections of the days, people and places in Johnny's space and time, no fiction here on this record and if you know Johnny's records that would not surprise you, honest and insightful even if it hurts and at times it does. Musically we believe this album is "sonically speaking" more so than any other album he has recorded, at times this record will make you wanna dance, sing-along or cry, other times you might feel nervous? As you may feel like you are drifting off into the sunset and then all of a sudden you have been hit by a south bound train! The album was recorded in two five day bursts and the band would set up on the recording room floor together and work on Johnny's songs/ideas from the ground up, trying different feels, tempo's and different arrangements until they felt they had the song in its right place. Lovingly recorded by Kenny Watt at Electric City Studio in North Fremantle and mixed at Killerwatt Studios Scarborough and the record finally was mastered in Detroit by Jim Diamond. The vinyl will be released as a joint venture by LA VILA NOVA RECORDINGS Spain, BEAST RECORDS France and FOLC RECORDS Spain.
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