DESTINATION LONELY - Nervous Breakdown 2xLP
[2xLP Vinyl]

DESTINATION LONELY - Nervous Breakdown 2xLP
Double LP plus free album CD! 3rd Album Far Out Over The Edge Filthy Desperate Fuzz Noise Garage Rock'n'Roll Trash from France In 2019 the Band was overwhelmed and shameless creative because of too Many Shows and crazy things happening on this planet, so they booked the Studio for 2 weeks and recorded 17 Songs, and all of them Killer Tracks mostly Originals with some covers from: THE TROGGS (i want you) THE STOOGES (Ann) and co written songs by: Arthur Larregle (J.C. SATAN) and Stefano Isaia (MOVIE STAR JUNKIES). I could cut some track to make a Single Album, but what the heck!! they are all so damn good !!! so we decided to release that Double Album, and you will not be disappointed and Love it as we do. this is Raw super Filthy Garage Noise Trash Rock'n'Roll in its best Tradition, and for all GUITAR WANKERS there is a 13 Minute Guitar Orgasm (Nervous Breakdown) on it as well.. 2020
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