LA SECTA - Blue Tales LP

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"Throw in some classic riffage, add great tunes and here's proof that grunge didn't just come from Seattle!". Kim Salmon (Scientists, Surrealists and Beasts of Bourbon) "'Blue Tales' can definitely be valued and understood better now, because some of those songs that at the time someone judged as impersonal dispel all doubts and spit all their cyanide in their current live setting, which you should not miss". Fernando Gegundez (Basque music critic) "Produced by Pete (Sonic Boom) Kember, there are traces of Spacemen 3 here along with a Stooge-like intensity that was far from common when these "tales" were first told. This is an altogether different world from the days when this was recorded". Lindsay Hutton (The Next Big Thing) It's almost 30 years since La Secta's "Blue Tales" was recorded and released. It was an effervescent time with a very active and top quality Basque music scene which included bands such as Los Bichos, Cancer Moon, La Perrera and La Secta.

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